Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton Safe Environments and Abuse Prevention

Application Process for Volunteers

High & Medium Risk Parish Volunteer Positions

  • All volunteer positions connected with children & youth (under age 18) or vulnerable adults (disabled, age 65 & older), for example:
    • Altar server volunteer leader
    • Children’s liturgy volunteer leader / volunteers
    • Volunteer drivers
    • Catechumenate catechist for children / RCIA for children volunteer leader / volunteers
    • Choir director for child / youth volunteer leader
    • Elderly outreach volunteer leader / volunteers
    • Sacramental preparation volunteer leader / volunteers
    • Bereavement team volunteer leader / volunteers
    • Youth ministry leaders
  • All volunteer leaders / volunteer positions connected with home or institutional visits, for example:
    • Eucharistic ministry to persons at home / shut-ins
    • Eucharistic ministry to persons in hospitals / nursing homes
    • Pastoral care visitors to hospitals, seniors residences, prisons
  • All volunteer positions connected with the handling of money, access to property, valuables, confidential financial and personal information, for example:
    • Collection counter
    • Member of Parish Finance Council
    • Money depositor
    • Treasurers – all parish committees, ministries and programs
    • Religious book / article vendor
    • Any position that requires having a key or fob to the building or alarm codes
    • Any position that requires access to personal information

Low Risk Volunteer Positions

  • All volunteer positions that do not require contact with clients or the public
  • All volunteer positions that are directly or indirectly supervised
  • All volunteer positions that do not require the volunteer to handle money or food
  • All volunteer positions that do not require the volunteer to drive or transport others
  • Examples:
    • Altar server
    • Choir member
    • Lector


Purpose of a Volunteer Management Program

  • Create a safe and secure environment by:
    • Administering screening processes for medium and high risk roles
    • Supporting volunteer leaders in their roles in the implementation processes
    • Coordinating orientation for all new parish volunteers

As Christians, we are called to love and protect those to whom we minister, particularly children and the vulnerable. The Archdiocese has a program aimed at preventing the abuse of those whom we minister and offering the safest possible environments for all ministries and programs in parishes and institutions.

“All volunteer leaders and volunteers must undergo a screening process before serving in ministries in the Archdiocese.  Volunteering orientation and training is required for all ministry personnel serving with children, youth and vulnerable persons and must be completed prior to ministry placement.” — Policy No. 361